Welcome to my new store!
Welcome to my new store!
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Nice to meet you!


I'm an Angry woman living in Los Angeles, California.

Specifically, I am a Korean-American immigrant woman, who is proudly working through her shit in her thirties. (I'm from South Korea, just in case if you were going to ask.)

This comic/zine project was started 2016 after the election, to cope with my anxiety and fear. And it has been my fuel for letting my steam out! As an immigrant myself, I find a need for celebrating my story through comic rather than live in a fear today.

You may or may not relate to my comics. If you do and find yourself chuckling through my non-censored and twisted humor–That's Great!! Virtual High-fives to ya!

If you don't get it, that's fine, too –fuck off and don't tell me. 

Regardless how you found my page, thanks for dropping by. 

Please send any inquires to: